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Our Products

Our Products
Premium Grade Seeds

Great tasting product starts with selecting high quality ingredients. We use a larger grade of popped seeds and slowly dry roast it which gives it that perfect balance of crunch and softness.

We sampled spices from various purveyors until we found the right combination of flavor, earthiness and pungency. The garlic, onion, cumin and coriander gives that aroma while the chile peppers and black pepper adds the heat.

Wholesome Flavorful Spices
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Less is more! We carefully control the ingredients, adding only what is necessary for a great experience, be it heat, salt or oil. Because we truly want to give you a tasty, guilt-free and healthful snack.


Zero Sugar




No Artificial Ingredients


Grain Free Snack


Roasted Snack


Our Mission

Our Mission

It is actually quite simple, just like our products: To provide you with a snack food that is minimally processed, free of artificial ingredients and preservatives, nutritious and tasty! We've carefully selected our menu offering and ingredients so we don't have to sacrifice our values.  With every bag we want you to be delighted, nourished and energized. This is a food that we ourselves feel good about eating.

Our Story

Our Story

Growing up, kitchen is where we'd mostly have our 'family time'. As we watched our mothers prepare for our meals, be it carefully selecting fresh vegetables from the street vendor, freshly grind spices to go with it, or cook them to a precise consistency, it was but natural that this rubbed off on us.

Fast forward, as adults busy life took over, but what we had learnt as kids slowly evolved into passion. A passion for creating tasty foods with real nourishment and wellness being the driving force.  Popped Waterlily Seeds or "Makhana" was an easy choice because we knew since childhood that it is a "superfood" and addictively tasty. We wanted the world to try it. The challenge was to make it "clean", with minimum amounts of oil and salt, no sugar, and still keep it tasty. From what we've heard first hand from our customers, we think we are doing ok!

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