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Your Questions Answered!
  • What is Popped Waterlily Seeds?
    It is just that, seeds of waterlily plant, a form of lotus and a.k.a "Makhana" that are dried and popped by roasting.
  • How is it popped, do you pop it in-house?"
    We're glad you asked. Once the seeds are dry, they are roasted in hot sand, and each seed it stuck with a mallet by hand to release it out of the shell. Yes, it is done by hand! It is a highly involved and specialized skill, so we purchase it pre-popped.
  • Never heard of waterlily seeds, is it even edible?"
    Yes, in fact in Eastern cultures, it has been consumed for centuries as a superfood!
  • Where is this grown?
    The kind we use is primarily grown in north eastern state of Bihar in India, though other varieties are aslo cultivated in some parts of South East Asia.
  • Does this have any corn, gluten, nuts or other allergens?"
    The Waterlily Seeds used to make our products are naturally free of the 8 FDA recognized allergens, namely: dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts fish and shellfish. We take great care in selecting the other ingredients in our products so that these allergens are not introduced into the final product. In addition, corn or its derivatives are never used. However, our products are not Third Party Certified and we cannot guarantee that our product is free from all allergens and contaminants. If you have any allergies, it is recommended that you avoid our products in order to protect yourself.
  • Is this product non-GMO?
    All our products are made from non GMO ingredients.
  • How is this made?
    We roast it at a low temperature and season it. Our unique roasting technique is what gives it the characteristic crunch and crispiness.
  • Is this an extruded product?
    No, this is not an extruded product like some other snacks. The product is the whole seed of the lotus plant.
  • It is very crispy, is this a fried snack?"
    Well thank you! But rest assured, this product is never fried, it is how we roast it that makes it so crispy.
  • If it is not fried, then why do you have oil in the ingredients?"
    We only use a small amount of oil so that the dry spices stick to the seeds. Had we not added the oil, the seeds would taste bland and you'd find all the seasonings at the bottom of the bag!
  • Does this have kernels like in popcorn that will get wedged between my teeth?
    No! The meat of the seed does not have any kernels it it. During the popping process, the outer hard shell is removed. However, since the shelling is a manual process, you might encounter a fragment or two of the shell.
  • Is this vegan?
    Yes! All of our products are 100% vegan, and we will keep it that way!
  • Is it truly a zero-sugar snack?
    Yes, literally zero grams of sugar! Neither the seeds nor the seasonings have any natural sugars in them, and we won't be adding any.
  • I don't see a sweet variety, no caramel, no chocolate, how come?"
    We have chosen to provide you a snack that is not only tasty, but is healthful too. We've decided to keep it free of any sugar, natural or substitute, added or otherwise, so you'll never feel guilty about snacking on this, a bag or two! And we intend to keep it that way!
  • How about a cheese based flavor, I don't see that either?"
    Our products are 100% vegan, and to create a cheese based flavor we will have to use non-dairy substitues. We don't plan on using any substitutes!
  • Is the product imported, or is it manufactured in USA?"
    We proudly manufacture the product here in the USA. Some of the raw ingredients are imported.
  • Where are the ingredients sourced from?
    The popped seeds are sourced from India, which is the only country it is found currently. The rest of the ingredients are aquired locally in the US from reputed suppliers.
  • Are there any preservatives or artificial ingredients?
    The big happy answer is NO! And we will never add them, even if we have to sacrfice some shelf life or some of the flavor varieties.
  • It seems pretty lightweight, how much is in each bag?"
    Our large bag has 70 grams (2.47 oz) of the product. This is around 4 cups per bag based on the size and grade of the seeds we use. As a natural plant product, some variation in size in unavoidable resulting in slightly different volume per bag.
  • What does the the word Swaha mean?
    Swaha is a Sanskrit word meaning "offering". This healthful tasty snack is our offering to you.
  • Where is the your operations located?
    Our entire operations are based out of Phoenix, AZ.
  • Do you manufacture it at a shared facility?
    All of our products are manufactured in a dedicated facility. This helps prevent any cross contamination with other products and gives us total control over the quality and the processes we employ. We love the control!
  • How did you come up with this product?
    Popped Waterlily Seeds, or Makhana has been a favorite snack of the founders since childhood. Given the healthful properties and the addicting taste, it was time you tried it as well!
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